Title: When the subject becomes the investigator – a paradigm shift driven by technology ?!

Presenter: Herrmann, Oliver: Q-FINITY

Organisation: Q-FINITY


Within the presentation the following topics on the current digital developments in the pharmaceutical/clinical world will be addressed:

·        Challenges and risks by implementing digital strategies and data integrity concepts (incl. eSource, eRecords, eSignatures)

·        Gift or curse? Benefits and threats of using social media in the pharmaceutical environment incl. Cybersecurity risks and how social media data and mobile apps are being used  

·        Awareness and challenges related to new technologies such as wearables, remote data capture, data-mining and blockchain technology etc.

Learning Objective 1: Recognize the current situation with regards to people, process and technology

Learning Objective 2: Describe the current use of “New” technology and potential Cyber Security risks

Learning Objective 3: Discuss where the future of clinical trials goes to.


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